About the project “With child: dance artists between profession and siding” / Artist Lab

In several ARTIST LABs, the Berlin-based Ag Tanz und Elternschaft (Dance and Parenthood Working) exchanges ideas with other (inter)national initiatives and artists from dance and other art disciplines on the topic of dance/art and parenthood with the following core questions:

What (artistic) perspectives do dance artists in parenthood develop during the pandemic? How can central structures (funding, theaters, venues for training and residencies) in the dance scene be made more accessible to them and new networks be established?

17.6. Lab with artists from other art disciplines

8.7. online Lab with international dance artists

9.7. Lab with nationwide initiatives and individual artists

24.08. final lab of the Ag Dance and Parenthood

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The aim of the four labs is to give space to the (post)pandemic perspectives of artists of different generations in parenthood, especially women, and to generate a broader attention for existing problems. Opportunities for change in the system are to be identified, which can sustainably improve artistic working conditions. Questions that guide us include:

What artistic practices are dance-makers and other artists in parenthood developing during the pandemic that has already lasted over two years?
What has worked, where have been limitations or barriers?
What artistic practices lend themselves to a post-pandemic future?
How did the pandemic affect audience contact?
And, why does the term “mother” have a connotation, especially in the arts?