Daniella Strasfogel is a violinist, performer and teacher.

In this interview, Daniella talks about her strategies and artistic practices in Pandemic. In order to convey art not only digitally, she published a book combining dance and music as well as a puzzle together with dance and music.

We had invited Daniella Strasfogel to the network meeting with other art disciplines. Due to scheduling overlap, we conducted an alternative Zoom interview on the core questions of the Artist Labs:

What (artistic) perspectives do artists in parenthood develop during the pandemic?
How can central structures (funding, theaters, venues for training and residencies) in the dance scene be made more accessible to them and new networks be established?

For Daniella, digital media were at first a blessing to be back in (more or less) direct contact with the audience via streamed concerts after a long break. After a few digital months, however, the desire to return to the haptic quality arose and the idea was born to produce a book with experiential art for the whole family at home.

In May 2021 SCHRUMPF! was released in cooperation with Biliana & The Instrument – a DIY puzzle with mp3 including sound and dance instructions for the home. Watch it here: https://www.loudsoft.de/archiv-1/schrumpf-archiv/biliana-the-instrument/

In April 2021 Daniella also produced a book for all senses together with Mila Koistinen. A dance piece to be read, read aloud and danced by yourself. The book can be ordered by e-mail. Read more on the website of the production platform LOUDsoft https://www.loudsoft.de/archiv-1/schrumpf-archiv/schrumpf-koistinen-on-a-clear-day/.